Practicum Lesson 1 Review

Today we did our first lesson. We taught one and a half full days but there was something different about teaching our own lessons. We were both very surprised to find that instead of having too little times, we had far to little material! We had been expecting to have to possibly cut our parts here and there, but that was certainly not the case.

I talked a lot more than my practicum partner, in fact I out talked her most of the lesson. Rambling was also an issue for me. I end up talking about things not relevant to the lesson at times. Also, my practicum partner and I had agreed that if I talked to much, she would poke me. She poked me a few times, but I had forgotten about the agreement and just thought she was a nervous and uncoordinated.

Our practicum teacher also pointed out that we shouldn’t try and talk over students. At times, we would be talking and some of the students would be mumbling to themselves to whispering in small groups. There posture was also indicated that they were not always focused on the lesson.

We thought it might be a good idea to create some worksheets for most of our lessons so that students who worked ahead could have something to do to keep them busy rather than distributing the people around them.

I would like to create more Prezi’s to help illustrate our points. As well, my practicum partner thought it might be a good idea to have circle time during some of the discussions to help encourage discussion.

We both found that it was hard to assess the students who were not vocal about their learning. We are hoping to ask our practicum teacher for suggestions. We also wanted to find ways to make transitions between activities smoother as we found that the switch between activities often descended into chaos.

As a method of addressing time managements, we agreed that creating disposable activities might be a good idea. That way if we fly through an activity faster than expected we have something agreed upon to do.

We talked about having students create their own poems as much as possible. We thought it might be a good idea to create a jar of topics for students who need a little push.

In general we thought the lesson went well. There was a lot of room for improvement but we started off fairly strong.