Pre-Practicum Travel and Thoughts

My family has a bit of a flying curse. Inevitably when traveling with my old man at least one of our flights will be delayed. If I’m traveling with my aunt, then someone will lose their luggage. If traveling with me, there will be a baby within three seats and it will not be a happy baby. This has culminates to some very trying family trips, but I had thought that maybe this trip things would be different.

It was different in the sense that not only was there a fussing baby on my flight to Vancouver, but there was also one on my flight to Whitehorse. I love children, I do. I just prefer to not have to deal with them on flights particularly if they aren’t in a good mood. Ah well, such is life.

Anywho, for the three people reading this who aren’t in my cohort, I am in Whitehorse doing my first practicum this April. Scary stuff right!

I’m in a grade 3 class teaching poetry, which should be fun I hope, but I am a little intimidated. When I think grade 3, I think tiny little human beings, but when I think age 8 or 9, well that seems like a fairly competent age to me. I don’t know how to judge the abilities of a grade 3. I’m pretty sure that’s why we start off working with a mentor teacher though.

I am hoping to make a few blog post this month with some of my experiences, if for no other reason than to have something that I can go back and laugh at once I’ve figured this whole teaching thing out.


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