Word Choice in Writing

Word Choice is next on our list of lessons to teach.

Lesson 4 looks at Dead words. These are words so overused in writing that they have lost their special touch. Therefore, we do away with them and students must pick alternative words to reach the same meaning. For example, hissed, sputtered, yelped, growled, instead of the overused said

Lesson 5 focuses on Point of View. Students are challenged to both speak and writing in each point of view throughout the lesson. Real glasses are used to help students visualize the different points of view

Lesson 6 combines point of view and dead words in a reflective lesson on the two concepts. Students start with a class walk. They choose a found object then in a very short story tell the experience of the found object in a random point of view (first, second or third).

Lesson 7/8 both focus on dead words and point of view as well as Art and Music. Student imagine a scene ,write about it then draw it in lesson 7. Lesson 8, students change descriptions and drawing. They then write a description to match their peer’s drawing and paint a picture to accompany their peers description.