Lessons on Voice

For My first three lesson, I focused on teach voice to students.

Lesson 1 I already introduced in previous blog post, but basically students learn what voice is then find examples of voice when they are doing their silent reading. These examples are rated by the individual who found them based on the rubric on voice handed out earlier in the class. Students then pair up to discuss the examples they found and how they rated said examples.

Lesson 2 students listen to a ‘how to speak like a pirate’ video. As a class, the students and the teacher then construct a letter written by a pirate. Afterwards students are given a chance to write their own letter using a pirates way of speaking. The students mark their own work then hand it in for the teacher to give feedback

Lesson 3 students get their letters on pirate speech back. The teacher then reads “The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs!” to teach about sentence length and how it relates to voice. Students then reflect on the feedback give on their last assignment and apply both the feedback and what they learned about sentence length to write a letter from the wolf to the grandmother based on how voice of the wolf in the book.

        Next, we’ll be jumping into Word Choice.