Passion side Project 13

I know I said I wouldn’t paint until the end of semester, but my best friend got me a tabletop easel and new paintbrushes for my birthday and I couldn’t very well just leave them to collect dust until May, Sooo between opening presents and going for dinner, I sat out on my desk with my roommate and painted for the afternoon. I would post pictures of me painting, but my roommate is in them and she is *gasp* not wearing makeup so am banned from sharing them. I can show you the fruit of my labour though.


This evening I procrasta-cleaned (procrastination obligations by cleaning, very common around exam season) and then baked banana bread and apple crisp but I still had time in the evening. I could have worked on my actual passion project for my tech class, or my upcoming final in PE but it was far more fun to paint, so I worked on clouds.


I mean they kinda resemble clouds … vaguely. It is definitely an improvement compared to some of my other attempts. The clouds don’t really flow though, there is no movement. They just sit there all BLA. Like I just slapped them on where ever, which I suppose I did.

Anyways. I may or may not post more blogs before May, it depends on how motivated I am to do my real homework.