Passion Project Introduction and Lesson 1

I have started three passion projects now. I have and abandoned project that I started, what became my side-passion project and now my third passion project.

My first passion project was going to be a unit plan that taught grade 7 students about nature. It was heavily influenced by the ProjectWILD and ProjectWET seminars that I went to with a friend from my cohort. I still intend to finish the project, but I realised that it would take a lot more research than I was anticipating and I don’t have the time or inclination to do that now. Feel free to check out what I have stated though and leave feedback or comments.

The second project I did can be found on my blog. I started painting ever couple days or so as a way to destress. I decided to write a short blurb on each painting and reflect on what I had learned. The result, as you might have read, is interesting but very short. As such, I decide to do another passion project.

The final project I started is a unit plan to teach the 6 traits of writing. I have been learning about the six traits in depth in my EDCI 302 (English) class and I thought I would like to create my own unit plan to teach the traits.

Without further delay, My first lesson can be seen here.