Personal Side Project: Part 12

I really did like the white bark trees. It caught my interest and my imagination.


I think this painting lacked a lot of detail. I would have liked to add more colour to the leaves and a bird in the space hear the right hand side of the middle of the painting. I was tired though and left the painting as is. I suppose I could go back to it at some point and perhaps I will.

I like the white branches and the pink leaves. There is something fun and magical about changing the colours of nature into something more fantastical.

I thought I would try and add a white tree to a grove of fall, fading trees.


I watched a tutorial on clouds and the top most one turned out alright but I still don’t like them. The mountains turned out alright, but the cabin picture had better ones. I like the variety of height better in the cabin painting. The white tree itself turned out fairly well. I like the contrast between it and the rest of the work. It captures the attention more than the faded background.

Anyways I may do more painting before the end of March, but I doubt it as I really do have a lot of homework due in the coming weeks so this is probably where the blogging will end. The painting will go on though.


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