Personal Side Project: Part 10

Last time I painted, I noticed that trying to multitask left me with very sub-par art work. This time I sat down with my tea made, my head phones on and all my supplies set out. I was not getting distracted. I enjoyed creating rocks and I wanted to work at it a little more, so I thought I’d create a waterfall.


I like the flowers at the bottom of the painting and the splashing at the bottom of the waterfall turned out surprisingly well considering I just dabbed on some white paint and hoped i’d turn out. I don’t like the flowers between the rocks though and I think the sky could have used on or two small clouds. Also the grass is too disjoined.

At this point I figured I really should put at least a little effort into creating nice clouds so I watched a handful of youtube tutorials and sat down to give it a try.


The thing I like least about this photo is the clouds. I really don’t know how to do the weird magical whatever that painters do to make clouds look all …cloudlike. That being said. I do like the main mountain and the cabin turned out better that I thought it would. I like that the tree closest to the viewer is different from the ones in the background. It makes the tree pop a little more. I like the birds flying off in the distance too. The little details make the difference. Still wouldn’t write home with this one, but my mom got another picture message!


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