Personal Side Project: Part 7

At this point I have tried to paint a lot of plants and such, but I haven’t given wild life a try. I was still a little wary of going back to YouTube videos so I hunted around my room until I found a Chinese wall hanging my brother got me when he was traveling a few years ago. The wall handing had a bunch of butterflies sitting on a flower laden tree. I wasn’t feeling up to trying to create the flowers, but was happy to give the butterfly a go.


The tree branch itself was alright, but the leaves didn’t have enough depth and realistically the leaves should have been a lot bigger and not look so distant. The butterfly shape was alright but I thought the transition from red to orange to yellow definitely could have been smoother.

So at this point I thought I would give youtube a try again. I really did like the way Marc Charles explained paintings. Not to mention he has an accent which is always more fun to listen to.

Anyways I found an interesting tutorial on silhouette so I thought I’d give it a go. The video was my guide and the painting was my attempt.


You might have guessed that at some point I more or less ignored poor old Mr. Charles and started doing my own thing. The silhouette to the left near the end of the paint? yeah that’s a person turning into a werewolf. The white swirls around the girl? those were meant to be wind at first but then I add eyes and made them little flying spirits because why not.

Generally though it turned out alright. Clearly my silhouettes need some works and I should probably invest in the same brushes Marc uses in his tutorial but it did end up turning out alright so at this point I’ll save my money and upgrade when I have a little more skill under my belt.


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