Personal Side Project: Part 5

Right so at this point I’ve tried to recreate a few different parts of nature. Living on an island though, it’s a bit hard to ignore the ocean and I hadn’t tried paint the ocean. This was my first go.


What the hell is that? you are probably asking. Great question! that is what having no idea what a wave should even look like, looks like. Obviously I had no idea how to paint the ocean. Good thing I do know how to use Youtube! And so attempt 2 was born and this time I picked happier, lighter colours (probably a subconscious effort to make myself feel better).


The main point I took away from this was that the wild nature of waves is simply not meant to be captured on canvas. Which is a blatantly lie and we all know it. Many great artist have capture the sea with such sophistication as to leave the viewer breathless. My attempt though, was cringe worthy. But it was certainly better than my first effort and for a beginner  it wasn’t all bad. The tree was certainly better than some of my other attempts. Clouds were still impossible but the background trees turned out ok. All around I was please about this one. Still nothing to write home over but I was certainly getting better.


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