Personal Side Project: Part 4

At this point, I had a bit more experience with the art of tree making and sky blending so I thought I’d try creating a bit of depth by making a background with trees in the distance. The result was thus:


Again, I found my trees were not adequately branchy (yes I am well aware of the fact that ‘branchy’ isn’t a word, but this is my blog and I shall rule it as I please!). The trees in to the right turned out alright. I thought the blue in the sky was a little obnoxiously light. Real life doesn’t work like that. If it was dark enough out that part of the sky was that black, no part of the sky would be that blue. Still, clearly better than other attempts.

The next grand plan was to create a winter wonderland! Why not right?! Also, I briefly saw a you tube on the matter. I quickly skimmed through it and gave the painting a go.


I didn’t have the suggested brushes at the time so I had to make do with what I had. I would like to go back and try this one again. First, I want to watch the whole video in it’s entirety and second I want to use the proper brushes. I think it will make a big difference. Still, compared to my very first picture, this turned out really well. My tree on the left hand side is certainly  more branchy then the tree in my last image. The sky was alright. I found it harder to blend white to blue to black then from white to yellow to red.


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