Personal Side Project: Part 3

So armed with some Walmart paint brushes, some dollar store paint, and two or three Youtube videos I ventured back into a world of creation. My first thought was to make something a bit brighter. I also wanted to give clouds a go again. The painting below was the end result.


As you can see I left a lot of room for cloud creation. And it was a lot harder than I thought. I didn’t produce a single cloud I was happy with. The mountains were ok, but I belatedly realised that the lightest colour should have been the farthest away. The dotted flowers in the left hand look really off. I like who the sun turned out though.

Next I wanted to go back to the the tree that I had started the time before. I wanted to do a dark image this time. I thought I’d give flower making another go while I was at it.


I like the black and blue back ground but the stars weren’t right. I wasn’t sure what was so off about them but it made the sky look flat and without dept. It was as if there was a veil of yellow dots behind the tree rather than a blanket of stars stretching out in space. The tree was ok, but I think it needed to be a bit more… branchy. The flowers are alright but again they lack dept. I’m not really sure how to fix that though and Youtube was surprisingly lacking in helpful advice on the matter. Mostly I would watch a tutorial and the narrator would do some magic with their paint  brushes that I am pretty sure was magic and mere mortals such as I could never hope to emulate.


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