Euro Financial Problems in the Classroom

As an elementary school teacher, I really don’t see how I could ever tie the European deficit into an elementary classroom.  That being said, as a human being who is  mildly aware of world affairs, I kinda want to find a way. The video below explains the Euro debt crises in a fairly easy to understand way.

I really don’t know how one would include this in the classroom. The topic itself isn’t really relevant to anything in the pre-grade 10 curriculum. As well, the idea of debt crisis in foreign countries would likely be a bit beyond the average elementary school kiddie. That being said, sometimes I get the feeling that I underestimate the abilities and maturity of children. Perhaps a child could grasp some of the significance that is discussed in this video.

I don’t know if it would really be appropriate (being as it is still a rather controversial issue), but perhaps in the older grade (grade 6 and 7) students could take on the role of a country in the EU, research that countries values and debate the issue as a mock/mini- Euro conference. The project could touch on research, debate and presentation PLO’s in Social Studies; as well as, writing and oral language PLO’s in English as students prepare and present presentations.

Anywho, what the video if it’s caught your interests and leave a comment with other class ideas if something comes to mind.

Best wishes,

Emma Denhoff


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