How to Make Canadian History Fun

Bellow, I have posted a Ted talk which address some of the interesting part of Canada’s history. The speaker, Chris Turner, mainly focus on the gold rush and some of the more interesting figures in Canada’s history. He also talk as about how Americans have greatly affected Canadian history. Americans created an image in their own culture of Canada being a “steadfast, law abiding mounty”. Canada has come to adopt this same view and its own citizens often undermine the value of the rich Canadian stories that have become forgotten over time. At the end of the video, Turner urges views to research and write a story about some of the interesting figures in Canadian history.

Since a good portion of elementary level Social studies looks at Canadian history, why don’t educators have their students respond to this call to action. Personally, I would like to give it a go in my own classroom at some point.

I’ve always loved history, I have no problem finding the interesting stories in Canadian history. I’ve found all sorts of short stories that both made me proud and ashamed of my country’s heritage. I think both these stories should be embraced. No one has a perfect history. Everyone has things they are ashamed of. As a country we should both be aware of the mistakes we have made so that it does not repeat and we should acknowledge the events in our history which showcased our strongest qualities.


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