Personal Side Project: Part 1

My personal project for my tech class is not painting, but painting has become a bit of a pet project of mine lately. The last time I willing painting anything simply because I wanted to paint was probably…. never! well maybe when I was seven or something but certainly not in recent memory. I asked my mom (in case I had a faulty/selective memory) but she backed me up. I loved to write when I was a kiddie. It was my artistic outlet. She does have a rather adorable picture of me at around five in a paint splattered yellow shirt sitting at the kitchen table finger painting when I was younger, but that’s about it.

I wasn’t much of an artist, and art seemed so… judgy to me (it still kinda does) so I largely ignored it. This year though, I was forced into trying painting with one of my art classes and I found it really enjoyable. I wasn’t as worried about how my art worked compared to others and the end result wasn’t as important to me. I just enjoy sitting down and spending a couple of ours mixing paint and making random markings on a page until I thought of something paint.

Mostly I paint trees. One because it is one of the first things I youtubed how to paint and two because I quite like trees. My roommate has tried to get me to paint skylines a few times, but I don’t really think cities are beautiful in the same way nature is. It’s a personal thing, I know, but I find a lot more beauty in Nature. Cities might be… pretty or colourful but they are never beautiful to me.

In any case, the picture below was my first personal painting. It was done in all of two minutes with the spare paint I had after making a colour wheel for class. I was mostly paying attention to my friend’s story and making witty and sarcastic comments whenever appropriate.


Hmmm…. hardly a masterpiece. but I like the colour. The leaves are interesting and I like the blue and purple in the clouds. The background looks like I just smeared a bunch of paint at random on. Granted, that is exactly what I did, but a little skill might have prevented it looking like that is what I did. Certainly not a piece to write home about, but I could work with this.


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