A Glance at “Explain Everything”

There is a chance I’ve mentioned it before, but if I haven’t. I adore the app “Explain Everything”. My professor, Doctor Tim Hopper, pointed it out to me last semester as a way to explain a few soccer drills I was using in a lesson plan. I gave it a go and lo-and-behold it worked wonders!

I’m still very much new to the program. I’ve only made a half a dozen videos and explored on a fraction of the features, but I am constantly looking for ways to integrate it into my learning.

For those of you who haven’t ever come across the program before, I suggest watching the video below. It is very informative.



So how to use this in the classroom? Well I am sure teachers and preservice teachers alike have at least a dozen ideas swimming around their heads after watching that video. Basically a lesson can be taught once and then viewed as many times as necessary and at whatever speed required. It can be used as a way to move learning to a more personal level in the sense that students can learn at their own pace.
My Physic 11/12 teacher, Bruce Currell, was also the school tech teacher and video learning was definitely his jam. My  brother is in his class now and he has told me that the physics teacher is using the video method more and more these days. Sometimes the videos are used to supplement learning. They go over certain topics that are brushed at in class. This can mean explain knowledge that was assume to have already been present or it can mean  going more in depth and add challenges for the more advanced students. Pretty much every student that has had Mr. Currell in their class appreciates his methods and his madness.

My physicals teachers has always been great at catering to the strongest, weakest and most average student and having an app like “Explain everything” only makes it that much easier. As you might have noticed, my old physics teacher used a similar but separate program that is available for computers. I prefer my Ipad, but there are lots of alternative programs that meet the same end.



Have other apps for the classroom? Leave a comment below!


Best Wishes,

Emma Denhoff


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