Youtube in the Classroom: Part 2

In my last blog post I talked about a few different Youtube channels that have education and classroom value. This week’s blog post will follow in the same vain.

To start off the list, is Mental Floss. Mental Floss post three videos a week. They post a video on a big question such as “Do your organs grow with you?”. On Wednesday they post a video on fun facts. For example, “26 Fascinating Founding Fathers Facts”. Fridays they post a video that debunks common misconceptions. For example, “Misconceptions about Germs and Hygiene”. There are many great videos that could be used as an introduction to a lesson or as supplementary information.

SmarterEveryDay  is hosted by Destin Sandlin. Destin answers questions about life (often with the help of experts) and shares his exploration and findings on Youtube. For example there are two videos on “How Fish Eat”. Both videos where in part created by Dr. Jamie Seymour, a world renowned venom biologist at James Cook University. Many of Destin’s videos have classroom use and could be used to teach or to supplement teaching in certain areas.

MinutePhysics is yet another great resource. Though the material is more aimed at older students, many of the videos have potential for classroom use in grades 5-7. There is a video called “Why Isn’t The Sky Purple?” that looks at the colour spectrum. Some of the topics covered in the video are a little beyond an elementary school level, but it is presented in a way that most students should understand.

“How to Adult” is a channel geared towards young adults, with a lot of videos that cover issues in a young adults life. For example, the “Master Your Cards in 4 Minutes: Debit Vs Credit EXPLAINED!” video that gave a 4 minute explanation on card debt. There are a few videos that deal with life issues, though. For instance, “Secrets for Self-Confidence, Friendship, Homesickness” and “5 Crazy Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done!”. Some of these videos have classroom value, but mostly I would suggest offering them to your students to watch at their leisure.

“Big Think” is a Youtube channel that brings on special guest to talk about some of the major issues in our world today. For example, “Innovation expert Michael Schrage explores the major questions that have risen from the recent Sony hack” in the video titled, “Is it the Government’s Duty to Defend Citizens From Cyberattacks?”. Most of the videos don’t offer clear answer as to what is right and wrong, rather they offer an explanation and opinion. They are often a great way to start a conversation or debate on a topic.

There are still lots more educational channels to explore on youtube. Have any in mind? leave a link in the comment section below.


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