Youtube in the Classroom: Part One

There are a lot of great Educational Youtubers out there that could easily be used in the classroom. My personal favorite is Crash Course: World History hosted by “Fault in our Stars” author John Green. The 42, 10-15 minutes episodes look at several major events in world history starting with the the agricultural revolution in the first episode and ending with two episodes on globalization. Each episode is succinct and amusing with short animations to showcase major points.

Crash Course itself was founded by the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green. John Green has recently been in the news with his book “Fault in our Stars” being turned into a Hollywood Movie. More recently, Hank Green has been in the news with his 13 minute interview with the president of the United states. Recently several new crash course channels have started. There are now the following channels, “U.S. Government and Politics”, “Anatomy & Physiology”, “Astronomy”, “World History 2”, “Big History”, “Psychology”, “Literature”, “US History”, “Chemistry”, “Ecology”, “World History”, “Biology”. All of these recourse are educational, but channels like “US History” may not have as much of a curriculum based value as channels like “World History”.

Another great channel is “Healthcare Triage” hosted by Dr. A. E. Carroll a medical professional who looks at a medical topic a week. Some of the topics include “Sleep: Are You Getting Enough? Probably Not” and “Cold Weather Myths: Healthcare Triage”. The videos tend to be under 5 minutes and are split into four portion: a 15-30 second hook, a 1-2 minute introduction and explanation, 1-2 minute review of research and a 15-30 second conclusion. In certain episodes, Dr Carroll talks about the different types of research and what makes a good study. Even though a lot of the information is based on the United States healthcare system, there are still a lot of great general videos that could benefit student.

CGP Grey is yet another great Youtube channel. CGP Grey covers a wide variety of topics from the a 45 second “History of the Union Jack” to a 7 minute explanation of “Daylight Saving Time”. There are a lot of great videos that can easily be used for classroom activities.

There are many more great Educational Youtube channels. Have some in mind? Leave a link in the comment section below.


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