Personal Passions

There are several passions in my life. For one, writing has always been a huge passion of mine. For the past three years I have participated in Nanowrimo. The contest is 30 days and writers try to write 1667 words a day for a total of 50,000 words in a month. November isn’t the best time to be trying to to focus on something as time consuming as Nanowrimo, but I’m completed it each year (might have gained a few gray hairs in the process). I tend to edit what I’ve written to some degree during the winter holiday in December. I don’t have any manuscript I would feel comfortable having others look at, but it is a great artistic outlet at the moment. I hope that at some point in my later years I will have a couple of books printed.
My mother has been a knitter for a lot of years now. Almost all the socks I wear, she knit for me. It is one of those things that I want to do for my kids one day. At the moment the most complicated thing I can do is a dish cloth, but I am learning. It’s more of a winter hobby though, so I don’t work on it very much.
I love to garden. I don’t have the best apartment balcony for it, but I make due most years. I have a small herb garden with Thyme, Basil, and Rosemary. I normally have a collection of shade flowers and grasses as well. There is a little circular table and chairs in the center of my balcony. It is lovely out in the sunshine and listen to the birds and enjoy a sunny spring day in my garden.
I downloaded an app called “Explain Everything” last semester and used it to explain a hand full of soccer drills that coincided with a soccer unit. I got very passionate about the app and I would like to spend more time learning about it and using it for teaching.
There are many other things I am passionate about, but these are some of the main things I am looking at.


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