Outdoor Education

I attended a Project Wild seminar a few months ago and it really got me thinking about out doors education. Part of what we did during the seminar was to play different science games that taught about the life cycles and habits of animals outside. It really got me thinking about the numerous ways we can in incorporate other venues other than the classroom.

Hooks and Ladders for example was one of the activities we did at the Project Wild seminar. The game played out the life cycle of the Salmon and the many dangerous Salmon must avoid in their life time. As we started to play the game I started to think of ways you could expand the game. In fact, I thought perhaps teachers could use The Sports Education Model to expand the game. For example, the class could be split into several groups. Each group would have a life cycle they played though, and each life cycle would interact with the other life cycles. Groups could make presentation to the class about their animals. We could talk about ratios and fractions. We could do an art project on the eco-systems where students got to design their own ecosystems or draw an avatar of their animal. We could do music assignment where the students create songs about their animals and play them for the class. We could also listen to preexisting songs that educate on life cycles of a salmon. For example:

There are many other ways to incorporate the outdoor education in School. Hopefully, I can find and explore many more activities. Eventually, I would like to incorporate them into my own classroom.


One thought on “Outdoor Education

  1. Love the video! I’ve been Flying Wild certified through TPWD and I’ve used the ideas for summer nature camp at the local museum, helping a non-profit that does outdoor education, and even to teach my own children!


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